Energy Advisor Mentoring Program

Energy Advisor Mentoring Program

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Welcome to Blue House Energy's Energy Advisor Mentoring Program! Once you've paid for your program, here's what will happen next. You will get some emails and notifications from us that tell you:

1. When your onboarding session will take place (this is walks you through the mentoring program process and the next three steps).

2. How to register with Mentor City, the platform that you will use to communicate with your mentor.

3. We've match you with a mentor.

4. How to get access to your training plan on our Learning Platform.

Our mentorship coordinator, Carla, will be available every step of the way if you need help sorting out how to get started, and answer any questions you have about the program. Thanks for joining us!

Please note: Refunds will  not be issued if a user has started interactions with their mentor or has engaged the online training beyond the first module.

Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Disclaimer, Waiver & Indemnification

The Energy Advisor Mentorship Program is one course, not a program of study. It is simply one of the training and development activities you will need to engage in to pass any exams or gain employment as an Energy Advisor.

Blue House Energy (BHE) does not make any representations or warranties, or provide any guarantees, regarding your likelihood of passing any exams or gaining any employment as an Energy Advisor following your completion of Energy Advisor Mentorship Program. 

While BHE does vet Mentors for appropriate qualifications and experience based on information they provide to BHE, Mentors are not employees of BHE and BHE is not responsible for the conduct of their mentorship. BHE does not make any representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding the actions, inaction or conduct of Mentors. The mentorship program is provided at your own risk and by enrolling in the program you waive any right you might have for any reason to make any claim against BHE for the content and conduct of the mentorship program, including that arising from the misconduct of a Mentor. 

You further agree to conduct yourself in a responsible and professional manner during the program and agree to indemnify and hold harmless BHE from any loss, damage, liability or claim of any sort in any way arising from your participation in the program.