Energy Advisor Foundation Training (EAFT) Bundle

Energy Advisor Foundation Training (EAFT) Bundle

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There is a three-step entry program for Energy Advisor (EA) candidates:

  1. Pass the Foundation Level exam
  2. Pass Energy Advisor exam
  3. Be affiliated with a service organization

(You can find out everything need to know about the process of becoming an Energy Advisor here.)

The online EA Foundation Training Bundle helps you get past step #1:
    • Construction Technology
    • Construction Math
    • Construction Safety (Alberta Construction Safety Association: CSTS-2020 Fundamentals)
    • Plans Reading
    • High Performance Homes

    Pass each of them, and you will be in good shape to pass the Foundation Exam.

    If you've got a really good handle on the residential construction industry and just need a bit of help, we've got you covered, Smartypants! Choose the 'Foundation Study Package'.

    Download the Course Description and Outline booklet.

  • NOTE: Plans Reading and High Performance Housing are in 'version 1' format - there is a study guide and we've selected relevant, quality videos and other resources that cover the subject matter. There are quizzes at the end of each module and a final assessment. We're still working on interactivity and animations for both courses.
  • As always, you have 12 months access to the courses and resources once you register.