Energy Advisor Foundation Training (EAFT) Bundle

Energy Advisor Foundation Training (EAFT) Bundle

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You need to know a lot about houses to be a competent Energy Advisor (EA). Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), and the Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) have created a three-step entry program for EA candidates. You must:

  1. Pass the Foundation Level exam
  2. Pass Energy Advisor exam
  3. Be affiliated with a service organization

(You can find out everything need to know about the process of becoming an Energy Advisor here.)

The Foundation exam is tough -- so tough that the current failure rate is somewhere around 80%. It costs $155 + tax for each attempt.

Blue House Energy's Solution!

We know what it takes to be an Energy Advisor in Canada. BHE CEO, Shawna Henderson, was an R-2000 evaluator starting in the early 1990s, and was one of the first Energy Advisors for Existing Houses in the country. She sits on two working groups on Energy Retrofits led by Natural Resources Canada, and is a member of CHBA’s Net Zero Energy Renovation Working Group.

All of our training is based on CHBA’s educational benchmarks and Shawna’s long experience an Energy Advisor.

She’s got this.

Which means, Blue House Energy has a solution: our online EA Foundation Training Bundle. There are 5 courses that will be included in the bundle:

  • Construction Technology
  • Construction Math
  • Construction Safety (through the BC Construction Safety Association)
  • Plans Reading
  • High Performance Homes

Pass each of them, and you will be able to pass the Foundation Exam.

As we're still working on getting all the courses online, we're offering the pre-purchase price of $350 + HST until the Bundle is complete.

While we're in production, you'll get a training plan with the courses that are online, and a study guide with online resources for the other courses.

Each course will be added to your personal training plan as it is brought online, and we'll let you know that it is available. You have access for a full 12 months to all of the courses.

Once all five courses are on line, the price will be $495 + HST.