Three Things You Need to Know About Energy Efficiency in Houses

Three Things You Need to Know About Energy Efficiency in Houses
If you work in home construction and renovation, you know about energy efficiency measures. But do you really know it? If you’re trying to figure o...

The Value of Continuing Education for the Homebuilding Industry

Shawna wrote about the value of continuing education. The article was featured in Tarion's latest 'Breaking Ground newsletter. Posted here for all ...

New Ontario Builders: Deadlines Are Sneaking Up!

New Ontario Builders: Deadlines Are Sneaking Up!
If you are a new builder/vendor who registered with Tarion after September 2015, your registration renewal is based on proving you have completed...

7 Areas of Business All Builders Need to be Successful

Builders need to be good on the tools. But they also need to know about construction technology and building science, building codes, have a certai...

All Quiet on the Eastern Coast

What have we been doing for the past six months? We've been busy. Too busy. Insanely busy. To busy to even write a blog post. Nose to the grindston...

A deeper discussion of deeper energy efficiency measures

    Here's a good read from Nate Adams from Energy Smart Ohio, on problems associated with energy efficiency programs, single-action bias and l...

More Thoughts About Core Competencies in the Value Chain.

How do we draw up guidelines for identifying core competencies in home performance/energy efficiency/building science/green building across the many segments and sectors of the home construction and renovation industry?

The other week I posted a down and dirty graphic showing most of the players and the top-level relationships. That chart could use some refinement, but it gives the basic picture.

Holy complexity, Batman!


Value Chain and Core Competencies

Training in building science and energy efficiency is essential to moving the house building industry forward into Net Zero Energy, successfully. As BHE COO, Hal Richman has observed, many people in our industry do not see the entire value chain. It’s a complicated one – easy to see in this diagram how the home building industry is a hot, fragmented mess of experts and expertise, completely at odds with itself sometimes.